North Khorasan Province
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    North Khorasan Province

    North Khorasan Province (Persian: ‎, Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Shomālī) is a province located in northeastern Iran. Bojnord is the capital of the province. Most people in North Khorasan are ethnic Sunni Turkmen, there is also some Shia Muslims, who are often Fars, Kurds, Turks, and so on. The counties of North Khorasan Province are Shirvan County, Esfarayen County, Maneh and Samalqan County, Raz and Jargalan County Jajrom County, Faruj County, and Garmeh County. North Khorasan is one of the three provinces that were created after the division of Khorasan in 2004. In 2014 it was placed in Region 5.


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